Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Blessing the Lord, Every Time

Have you ever been in a battle where enemies were fighting you at every angle? Whether the enemies were physical people or simply spiritual warfare, enemies can sometimes cause us to become fearful. Today, let’s see how we can actively fight against these enemies. Now, I could try and teach you some physical fighting techniques, such as, tae kwon do or karate. However, my complete lack of knowledge and skill in those areas would not be beneficial to anyone reading this. Something I do know that works in any spiritual battle is the Word of God, which is our sword. My pastor preached a sermon last Sunday that is titled, “War Room.” Let’s take this message taught at church, and apply it at home as we continue in this series, “Life after Service.”

First, Read, Psalm 34:1-4

The Psalmist David was obviously in a battle where he had an enemy, similar to many of us. But how did David handle the battle this particular time? What steps did he take that we can also apply?


This psalm is in response to David’s departure from Abimelech, after he drove David away. Sometimes, when it is tough on our jobs or at school, instead of departing, we stay. We see it is clear that David physically departed from Abimelech. However, sometimes we don’t always have physical battles, but we have spiritual battles, also known as, spiritual warfare. In both cases, departure must take place. In battles, we must first mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually depart from where the battle originated. This is the first act of surrender to God. As saved, Holy spirit-filled Christians, we love to quote the scripture Deuteronomy 32:35, “Vengeance is mine…” (ESV) But do we actually let God avenge our enemies by surrendering? Before you quickly answer “yes,” really take the time to meditate on that question in an honest manner. 


The first verse in Psalm 34, David has made it his number one priority to bless the Lord. He doesn’t fight fire with fire; he simply kneels in prayer to God in COMPLETE surrender. The word “bless” in its Hebrew translation is the word “Barack,” which literally means “to kneel.” So David kneeled before God…? That’s it? I know, it sounds easier said than done. But it is extremely difficult when you have already become vengeful. It is safe to say that the initial emotion we feel when we realize we are in a battle is fear. Revenge comes later if we do not kneel before God. Look at verse four in this chapter, David then expresses how the Lord delivered him from fear. It is very important that fear is removed. Without removal of fear, our human nature will begin to go in revenge mode. Deny the flesh and get on your knees because this is the last state of surrendering to God in a battle. 

“When you kneel, you break your control/will.” –Pastor Vic

Enemies will come in and out of our lives until we take our last breath on this Earth. So it is extremely important that we handle battles the right way, God’s way. We have to breakdown our fearful and vengeful will by surrendering to God’s will. It’s an easy two step process: Depart and kneel. Once we depart from the battle/enemy, we let God know that He is in control. Lastly, when we begin to kneel/pray to God, we no longer just let God know He’s in control, we put God in control. Blessing the Lord at ALL TIMES, means EVERY OUTCOME. So surrendering is simply trusting God no matter the outcome. Ultimately, the outcome of this process will always bring victory. The next time a physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual enemy comes your way, apply these kingdom principles. Ask yourself questions like, “Have I put God in control yet? What areas in my mind and heart have I not yet departed?” Reflect and grow, not only at church but at home as well.

For the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh but have divine power to destroy strongholds.” -2 Corinthians 10:4 (ESV)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Life After Service

Pastor Vic Hudson recently preached a sermon, “The Home.” This sermon ties in beautifully with the start of this series, “Life after Service.” The series tackles the issue we sometimes have as Christians, applying what we are taught at church service, at home. We go to church and have victory, which is great. However, we go home and are defeated. This issue stunts our spiritual growth, our ministries and ultimately our relationship with the Lord. By the end of this series, I pray that we have drawn closer to the Lord not just at church, but at home. Let’s take a look at this first sermon, “The Home.”

First, read Mark 1:29-32.

Are there areas in your home that are sick? Apply the word “home” to your physical home/family, as well as your spirit body, being the home where the Lord dwells. I am confident that we all have areas in both of our “homes” where we need some form of healing. We know in the natural, when ONE family member is sick, the entire family becomes a little nervous. It is understood that the sickness or germ could be passed around and infect other family members. This same concept applies to our spiritual bodies. One area left unhealed in our lives can affect our entire bodies. Knowing this, how do we receive complete healing?


Mark 1:30 says, “But Simon’s wife’s mother lay sick of a fever, and at once they tell Him of her.” (NKJV) Simon knew that Jesus was the only person who could heal his mother-in-law. He identified who the healer was. Simon identified the actual sickness, which was a fever. When we don’t have faith that God can heal us, sickness will always remain. We must identify by activating faith, that Jesus is a healer. The next step is to identify what is sick in our lives. When we continue to push aside what is really sick in our lives, we will never be healed.


“Who are you taking to Jesus?” –Pastor Vic

The next step to receive healing is to bring the sick area to Jesus. “And he came and took her by the hand, and lifted her up; and immediately the fever left her, and she ministered unto them.” (Mark 1:31 NKJV) Once we bring it to Jesus, we are instantly made whole. After the woman was healed, she could then minister/serve. Satan wants us to remain sick because he knows we cannot serve this way. He also does not want to see others healed when we begin serving. In verse 32, the Word says, “…they brought unto Him all that were diseased, and them that were possessed with devils.” It is important after we receive our healing, we bring others to Christ. This is the final stage of the complete healing process.

 “When you get well, then you can serve.” –Pastor Vic

In order to serve in any aspect of ministry, we must be healed first. However, we will never receive healing if we do not act. The first step of action is to identify. It will take faith to believe that Jesus can heal our sickness. Next, identify what the sickness is. Is it bitterness? Hatred? Doubt? Resentment? Lust? Anger? Once we identify this, we then have to take it to Jesus for healing. After the healing, we are now able to serve. Sometimes, we try to skip the healing process. However, if we continue to do this, our relationship with the Lord will never grow. Begin to ask the Holy Spirit questions like, “What areas need to be healed in my home/life? What ONE sick area is causing my entire body/home to be sick?” Also, after the Lord heals you, ask questions like, “Who I am serving? Am I bringing anyone to Christ to be healed?” When we begin to apply these principles, we can be assured complete healing in our homes. I pray this brings us to the understanding that life after service is essential in our walk with Christ.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I am Back!

I apologize that I have not written anything in almost a month. The Lord has been getting on me about this. LOL! However, I pray everyone is continuing to be RADICAL FOR JESUS.

I will resume posting tomorrow, February 22nd, where I will be starting a new writing series called, "Life After Service."

Thank you all for your love, support, and patience!