Tuesday, October 2, 2012


October has finally arrived. As the scarves come out, the leaves fall, and the seasonal coffee flavors are sold, we know one thing is for sure—Fall is definitely here. It obviously isn’t a surprise because we know each year around this time, the season will change. As Believers, we also have seasons in our lives—Spiritual seasons. Some are great and full of joy, while other seasons aren’t as fun. No matter what the season, we know that we must stay content as the Apostle Paul writes in Philippians 4:12. Our passionate pursuit for Jesus shouldn’t change because our season has changed. It’s important that we remain the same in every season.

Indicators that your season is changing:
  • Things get hot. (Spiritual Summer) When it seems like everything in your life is heating up, know you’re in a new season. This is a season where the enemy will tempt you the most. It seems like everywhere you turn, temptation is all around you. In this season, pray that His strength overrides your weaknesses (2 Corinthians 12:9-10).
  • Things get cold. (Spiritual Winter) When it seems like everything in your life has stopped or frozen, know you’re in a new season. My Pastor taught on “unexplained depression” recently. If this season isn’t handled right, depression will definitely be a result. Usually, the enemy will try to confuse you. He will attack you with regret, bitterness, insecurities, and doubt. These attacks are unexplainable, meaning they came out of no where. Since God didn’t write confusion in your plans according to (1 Corinthians 14:33), pray for clarity to see Him and hear His voice in this season.
  • Old things die. (Spiritual Fall) When it seems like everything and everyone has walked out of your life, you’re in a new season. This season is a blessing in disguise. God will begin to remove people and things that shouldn’t be in your life. The enemy will try to attack you with feelings of loneliness. Remember, God will never leave us alone, He is with us, always (Matthew 28:20).
  • New things spring forth. (Spiritual Spring) When it seems like everything is going great in your life, you’re in a new season. This is a season that everyone enjoys. New people, new vision, new opportunities will begin to flourish in this season. The Lord wants to see His children prosper and bear much fruit (John 15:8).
Whether we’re in a high season or low, God desires to reveal something new to us. We must stay content in each season so we know exactly what He wants to reveal to us. Maybe in that “cold season” God wants to reveal His great love to you. In that season where He cut people out of your life, He wants to reveal to you that He is all you need. In that "spring season," He wants to reveal to you that He is your provider. Don’t allow a season change to alter your stride in your pursuit toward Him.

You know that you’re content when you continue to pursue God with all that you are—with all that you have. When we aren’t content, we become anxious. When we’re anxious, we become fearful. When we’re fearful, we become hopeless. See the pattern here? Today, have you stopped pursuing more of His presence, His word, and His love because of a season change? Identify what season you’re in. Ask the Holy Spirit to give you peace to stay content in these seasons. We know that God remains the same in every season, so we should as well. Be a reflection of God’s faithful image—Pursue Him the way He constantly pursues after you, in every season. 

-Lord, Your presence is the heartbeat inside of my soul that awakens every part of me. I pray that Your peace will guard my heart and mind in every season that I’m in (Philippians 4:7). My desire is to pursue You with all that I am, every day of my life.- 

"Pursuit" by Kim Walker-Smith